3 Hot Cocoa Recipes

Hey, Babes!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Holiday season! I am one if those crazy people who start listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November. As well as watching Hallmark movies, and yes decorating. I just love how cozy it is this time of year. Now when I think of being cozy I think of curling up under blankets, watching movies, and drinking some warm hot cocoa. Today I wanted to share 3 delicious and easy hot cocoa recipes.

Peppermint White Hot Cocoa (from Cincy Shopper)

– Ingredients:4 cups milk, 1/2 cup white chocolate chips, 1 peppermint candy cane, 1 tsp peppermint extract,  whipped cream and crushed peppermint (for garnish)

-To make: on low heat milk on stove top along with candy cane (it will melt), pour in chocolate chips stirring until melted, remove from heat and add extact, pour in mug and garnish.

Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa (from The Happier Homemaker
-Ingredients: 2 cupts skim milk (I used whole milk), 3/4 cup chocolate chip morsels, 3 tbsp powdered peanut butter or 2 tbsp creamy peanut butter (this is what I used)

– To Make: combine all ingredients in a saucepan and heat on low until warm, pour into mug(s) and top with whip cream.

Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa
-Ingredients: 1 cup of milk, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp unsweetend dark cocoa.

– To Make: Combine all ingredients in sauce pan and heat on low until warm, pour into mug and garnish with whip cream. I would’ve added a cinnamon stick if I had one.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a simple, no frills, hot cocoa (topped with whipped cream of course), but sometimes it’s fun to spice them up a bit and added some more flavor to them. Let me know if you try any of these recipes or if you have any other ones. Also, let me know what things you love to do during this time of year!

Thanks for reading! xx

IUD Removal and One Month Update



I am getting very personal in today’s blog post and sharing my thoughts on my IUD including my thoughts on having it, the removal, and how it has been going since I had it taken out which was a little over a month ago. This is very different then my normal post of makeup and fashion, and it may be a bit TMI for some people, but I will try to keep it as clean as possible.
Alright, let’s start at the beginning. I got my IUD put in June or July of 2016 I can’t remember the exact date. What led me to get it was I had taken birth control before, but that was solely for acne and not sexual reasons. Anyways I had started dating someone (not my husband) and we had starting getting intimate, (Spoiler: I broke up with this guy before I got my IUD, but thank God for Condoms…) so I knew I wanted to go on something, but I decided I didn’t want to go on birth control and have to worry about taking it everyday. I liked the idea that the IUD is effective for up to 6 years because at that time I was going through a “I don’t want kids” phase (2nd spoiler: I’m out of that phase)  and I liked how highly effective this method of contraception was and how it wasn’t something I had to worry about taking everyday. In regards to insertion I had heard so many mixed reviews on how it feels going in. Some people say the process is painless and other stories I read were of people saying it was incredibly painful and their bodies actually rejected the IUD. I would say that my experience was middle of the road, but closer to the painless side. To be completely honest I really don’t remember the process, but the most uncomfortable part that did cause me discomfort was when they had to stretch my cervix. On a side note and this is kinda funny in a way my gynecologist back home is a family friend, so you can imagine how awkward it is having someone ask “so how’s your mom” and making small talk about your family as she is staring into your vagina… On a scale of 1-10 I would put the pain levels of the insertion process between a 3-5 for me personally.

After it was inserted I did have one day of really bad cramps, but they went away the next day. After that I did have some mild cramping for a few days, but that was my only side effect. The mild cramps weren’t a big issue because I took Motrin which helped a lot. In the 2 years that I had the IUD I had probably ten “periods” I didn’t keep track they weren’t regular I could go 6 months without getting one and I would only bleed for three days max. I didn’t have any common period symptoms aside from some bloating and I was lucky before getting and IUD to have pretty mild periods minus some heavy bleeding around day 3-4. Anyways I never got bad cramps, backaches or any typical period symptoms before or when I had my IUD. Overall I had zero issues with my IUD in the time that I had it. I know they say you are supposed to check it every now and then to make sure you can still feel the strings and I only did that maybe 2-3 times at the beginning. In regards to working as a contraceptive it was 100% effective because I did not get pregnant. My husband did say he could feel it during sex sometimes, but it wasn’t painful and it did not cause any discomfort to me during intercourse.

Okay so now let’s talk removal and why I decided to get mine taken out. I’ll start with latter question. Remember how I spoiled earlier that I was out of the “I don’t want kids” phase? That’s why. After a lot of talking, thinking, and praying (oh and a lot of baby fever) my husband and I decided we were ready to start trying for a baby. That is the one and only reason I had it removed. So as I mentioned in the title, and at the beginning of this post I had my IUD removed a little over a month ago. In regards to how my removal went it was incredibly easy and pain free. Another funny story side note was when the nurse came in I was wearing one of this paper sheets they give you as a top and then I had a big sheet going across my lap. Anyways, she goes around back of me and I think ” omg she is going to see part of my butt” but then I think  “she’s about to stick her hand inside my vagina.. why am I so concerned about a little butt exposure?! lol” Okay so moving on as I mentioned the removal was super easy and it was done within a few minutes. I also did a pap smear while I was there, so without getting that and just doing the removal of the IUD I would say it takes about two minutes. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my pain for removal about a 2. There was some discomfort, but no pain.

Now one month post removal I have gotten my first period and I will say it has been a  bit intense and unlike my previous periods I am experiencing some significant cramping, very heavy bleeding and other symptoms I didn’t get before, but I am not sure if that is because this is my first period post removal or what the reasoning is for that. Overall I have had no other issue and it has been fine. I had read that some people lost significant amounts of weight (up to 40 pounds) after having theirs removed, but I did not notice any weight loss or gain personally. I also read how some women got pregnant less than a month after having it removed while it took others 2-3 years to get pregnant. I won’t lie I would love to get pregnant sooner rather than later, but I am trusting God and knowing that this is all in his timing. I do pray for patience constantly though during this process because that is something I lack greatly.

Overall the IUD worked really well for I mean it did prevent pregnancy during the time I had it which was what I wanted. I have zero complaints about my experience with it, and if there comes a time where I wan’t to wait a while to have another child this is probably what I would use as a contraceptive.

Have you had an IUD or do you currently have one? If so what has your experience been like with it? Let me know in the comments

On another note I will be back to typical, way less personal and detailed  makeup or fashion post soon. Thanks for reading this though and letting me be a bit more personal!

CoverGirl Product Review


Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple makeup products that I have been using. I was going through a phase where I didn’t like any of the makeup I had especially my foundation. It always looked patchy, didn’t apply well and would always rub off no matter how much powder and spray I used. I know that’s such a minimal problem, but it was really frustrating because it was happening with some of my favorite foundations. Anyways I decided to try out some new products and a couple that I picked up where the CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream for oily skin and the CoverGirl Color Naturalizing Skin Primer.

I hadn’t read any reviews on either product, so they where purchased on a bit of a whim. What drew me to the BB cream was that it was specifically geared toward oily skin. And my skin has been very oily recently. Especially around my nose. If you’ve ever tried the Maybelline BB cream with the blue cap or the one with the white cap the consistency and texture of this is very similar to those. However unlike those products in my opinion and my experience I prefer this one a lot more. This one applies so nicely to my skin no matter if I use a brush or sponge. It blends in nicely into my skin and doesn’t look cakey. I would describe the coverage as medium but buildable.

With other foundations I was trying or using they would look great when I first applied it, but as the day went on it wouldn’t look as great and I’d come across problems I mentioned earlier. One big one was foundation wouldn’t stay on my nose no matter what I used for primer or spray it run right off especially around my nose. I won’t lie throughout the day some of this product will rub off, but for the most part it stays on pretty well.

My opinion of the primer won’t be as in depth as the foundation because I’m not really sure how detailed you can get about a primer… but anyways I was relatively surprised by this product. Having suffered from a lot of redness especially around my cheeks I have tried many different color reducing primers, and typically wasn’t super impressed with them. They did a good job at providing a base for my makeup, but in regards to reducing redness I didn’t notice a change. With this primer I actually see a difference after it is applied. This does a great job at helping to apply this BB cream really well. That is the only foundation I’ve used with this primer, so I don’t know how well it works with others. Overall I like everything about this primer: consistency, how it applies, lasting ability.

And those are my thoughts on a couple new products. Let me know if you’ve tried these and what you think.

Thanks for reading! Xx

Fall Makeup Look


Well I guess we can agree that fall is in full swing on this blog seeing as the last three post including this one have been fall themed. This wasn’t intentional, but I am totally fine with it.

Today I wanted to share a fall themed makeup look. I find that I am more open to experimenting with different makeup looks during the fall because I love some many of the colors that are in trend. I am in no means an expert or even that great at makeup, but it’s still something I enjoy doing.

All products I have used for this look have been mentioned on my blog in previous post


Fall Fashion Wish list

In my last blog post which you can find here I talked about some of the many things I love about Fall (btw do you call it Fall or Autumn?) including the fashion. I love fashion and shopping for clothes in general, but I especially love this time of year because its so cozy, but still cute and the colors this time of year are gorgeous. I have so many things saved in my shopping carts and wish lists on various websites and I wanted to share some of the pieces I have my eye on.



Old Navy


Nordstrom Rack

And that is everything or at least most of the things on my wishlist currently, but they grow bigger and bigger on the daily. Let me know what pieces you are eyeing or currently purchased. Also, let me know where you love to shop!

Thanks for reading!

Fall Crafts and Recipes I Want to Try


*photos are not mine. All credit to owners.

It’s getting to be most wonderful time of the year, Fall. I feel like fall is so many peoples favorite time, and it’s very easy to see why. I personally love the fashion, the decor and all around coziness of this time. I also feel like I become more motivated and productive during this time. Does anybody else feel that way? I have been spending lots of time browsing Pinterest for recipes and crafts, and I thought it be fun to share some things I want to try out. Let me know if you’d do any of these or projects you are wanting to try.


I am in no way super crafty, so these aren’t anything over the top. Just some fun DIY’S



I am a huge fan of using my slow cooker, and I know I am going to be using my a bunch as it starts to get colder. It is just so easy and convenient to throw stuff in and not have to worry about what you’re going to have to cook for dinner. Also, you can freeze stuff which is once again very convenient.

There are so many other desserts I want to try, but I didn’t want to overshare because this post would become obnoxiously long.

I can’t wait to start trying out these recipes and projects. If you end up trying any of these I have shared let me know!
Thanks for reading!

Love Beauty and Planet Review


It seems like this brand Love Beauty and Planet has been highly promoted recently. I decided to check it out and see if the hype was worth it, so I purchased the smooth and serene duo. There are three other duos maybe four, so there are choices which I think is smart. Firstly, I really like the packaging and think the design is very pretty. In regards to smell I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them, but this is the one I liked the most. I personally didn’t find that it smelled of lavender, and if it does it is a very faint smell. Not a major negative, but still something I wanted to share. In regards to the actual quality of the product this did a great job at cleaning my hair, and not to be gross it had been a while since my hair was washed (over a week). I used about two pumps, and that was more then enough. I could probably get away with using less because the products lather really well especially the shampoo. The conditioner did a awesome job at untangling the ends of my hair and it did it really easily. Overall I am happy that I purchased this set and will continue to use it. Have you tried any products from this brand yet? What were your thoughts on them?

Sunday Spill

I wanted to start a new series I guess you could call it that I will be titling Sunday Spill. Basically I will be talking about things I have had on my mind and sharing my thoughts and opinions about things. Today I wanted to kick this idea off by talking about pressures I have placed on myself when it comes to blogging and creating content. If there are other subjects you’d like me to cover let me know. Also, these are going to be very rambly and probably not very organized, so there’s your warning!

Alright,  I feel like I say this a lot, but once again it has been a minute since I have posted something and firstly I wanna address how guilty that makes me feel because a large part of me feels this pressure to consistently put up content. However, I am also realistic in the fact that I can’t continuously put out well constructed content week after week. Can other people do that yes absolutely, but me personally I can’t. I am trying to get to a place where I don’t put pressure on myself when it comes to this blog. I created this platform to share things and create post I am happy with and maybe I will put together multiple blog post I am happy with 4 times in one week and maybe I won’t post any blog posts the next week. I know one of the biggest answers to the question “how do I become a successful blogger?” is “be consistent and scheduled” I get why it’s important, but at the same time I personally just can’t follow it and at the moment I am viewing this as quality over quantity. I would rather have 3-4 great post put out in the span of a month then 10+ okayish ones I put out because I felt like I had to. This pressure thing is something I have struggled with a lot a very recently it has been really effecting me, so I am trying to rewire my thoughts if that is the right way to put it, and remember that I am the creator of this blog and I post and share what I chose to. I feel like I just majorly rambled that whole thing, so hopefully it makes sense what I am trying to say. Does anybody else feel this way?
Another thing that has been on my mind A LOT, and something I am working on yet struggling with is jealousy and envy of other bloggers and influencers. I don’t like to use those words, but 100% truth it is exactly how I feel, and I did speak about this in a few post back about self confidence and social media, but I am still going to talk about it here because 1) it is something I am still struggling with and trying to manage and 2) whether anybody will admit it or not I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I know I stated in previously in this post that I created this blog to share things that I loved and create content that I am happy with, and yes that is true, but I would be lying if I said I never had those moments where I think “imagine if this was my job! what a dream that would be” (yes I do realize a lot of work goes into a career like this and that it’s not just cool instagram photos and free things) I am just being real and saying I have had thoughts like that and I still do. I see all these influencers and bloggers mainly on Instagram getting all these amazing products sent to them, wearing these hella cute clothes and I want that.  I would love to have a blog that thousands heck I would be happy with hundreds of people came to visit for recommendations, and simply because they love it.  Yet I need to be realistic in the fact that that may never happen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t create great content that I am happy with. I shouldn’t slack on my work just because it reaches a small audience. I don’t think it is wrong to have the goal of wanting to be a big time blogger, but at the same time I need to be realistic and focus on what I have right now, and not let other peoples stats effect me. Once again asking basically the same question I did previously: is this something you can relate to?

I am not entirely sure how to close this, and there are other things I want to talk about, but I don’t wanna make this a super long post, but it probably already is. Anyways I just wanna share that I want to start becoming more open on here and sharing things other then just makeup I am loving or clothes I bought. I want to also use this space to talk about things that are on my mind, and I hope it connect well with you guys. As I have mentioned if there is something you’d like me to talk about let me know or if you wanna have a conversation with me leave a comment. If you read this far you are wonderful that thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this

Hope you enjoyed!