A Fresh Start


I’m Sarah, the creator of the beauty and brunch blog, welcome to my first  post here on this site. Now while I am not new to blogging, it has been a while since I have typed up a blog post and that is extremely apparent to me because I’ve been sitting her for quite a while now thinking of what I should be saying. I previously ran the site alisvolatpropriss.com and while I loved that site and had it for about 3-4 years, I fell out of blogging for quite a while due to life and just lack of motivation/creativity. Also, to be completely honest, I felt like I wasn’t good enough, it seems that now a days everyone is blogging and I’m sure many of you have asked yourself the same questions I did which such as “why can’t I be as good as those bloggers?” Or “when will I be successful?” Blogging is a rather competitive thing in my opinion it’s all about standing out from a large crowd and appealing to people, being relatable. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I was like those successful bloggers who make a living doing this and get pr packages sent to them or get to go to fashion week all over the world. It somewhat messes with your head because you sit there thinking I’m not successful until I’m at that level, at least that’s how I felt. I wanted the thousand of followers and all the success and it frustrated me that after 3-4 years I didnt  have it. I lost motivation and all around interest in regards to blogging because I became so focused on statistics and not doing this for myself and my own enjoyment. 

After a while I decided that I was ready to get back into it, but I wanted to do it with a clean slate, a fresh start.  Hence the creation of this new blog. Even though I had a blog for a few years, I am starting to realize that I am having to relearn a lot of things when it comes to running a blog from customizing the site to putting together blog posts. I’d like to say I have a bunch of blog post ideas tucked into my back pocket but honesty is the best policy, and I most definitely don’t. but I know I will come up with some, there is inspiration all around to get my creativity buzzing.  I’m excited to see where this blog goes and I hope you will join me on the journey. One thing I know that’s going to happen with this blog is that I won’t focus on statistics or numbers because I got into blogging for my own enjoyment at the very beginning and that’s what is going to be the foundation of this blog. 

How do you deal with bouts of writers block and lack of creativity along with not focusing on the statistics and numbers? 

Thanks for checking out this post

I hope you have a lovely life! Xx

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