My top breakfast spots in Colorado Springs


Like most people  I am an avid lover of good food, and while I wouldn’t label myself a pro “foodie”, I like to believe that I have a knack for finding pretty good eateries. When I first moved to Colorado Springs, aside from living in a new place, and finding a great church which I did,  I was most excited about finding new places to eat. A lot of restaurants here are ones we don’t have back in Michigan. Now while I love all types of food, breakfast is my favorite, after all it is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, many of the restaurants I’ve found have been breakfast spots and the best part is they are relatively cheap, so you you won’t have to worry about dishing out a lot of money.  Im all about great food at great prices. I wanted to share these restaurants with you so If you plan on visiting the springs, you have a list of spots to check out. If you already live here let me know what are some of your favorite breakfast spots or eateries in general.

I am going to be listing these in no particular order because I can’t decide which ones my favorite.

  • King Chef’s dinner: if you’re a resident of the Springs or have been here before, you’ve heard of the downtown eatery.  Be prepared for a possible wait at this colorful cafe.  Thankfully they move fast but it is a cash only payment. Other then that all you need to know is the food is delicious and the prices are reasonable. My go-to order is their French toast and their bacon is delicious. The staff is very friendly and the service is fast. The portions are decent so if you’re looking for some light eating, you may want to save this place for another day. I have never been here for lunch but they seem to have some good options. If you can try and eat everything so you can possibly get a clean plate club sticker! Check out the menu below

– King’s Chef Diner Menu

  • The egg and I: this is a great restaurant whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a family meal. The portions are on the smaller side compare to other breakfast places, but you don’t feel jipped for the prices and you still feel like you’ve had a satisfying meal. You can check out their menu by clicking the link below.

– The egg and I menu

  • Black bear dinner: another great family restaurant. My go-to order here are the biscuits and gravy, but I’m also a fan of their pancakes and waffles, as I am at most places. This is another restaurant that serves hearty portions, so come hungry. I’m sure you can find things on the lighter side as well though. The prices aren’t the cheapest, but they also won’t break the bank. They are pretty middle ground. You can check out their menu below

– Black Bear Diner Menu

  • Bon Ton’s cafe: this adorable little cafe is a great place to go for Sunday brunch or breakfast anytime any day. With small quantity seating be prepared for a wait especially with a large party. Don’t let that scare you away however because the food here is delicious. Once again my go-to here is french toast. I do apologize if you’re an omelette or eggs type person, I just typically don’t order that stuff. But I’m sure that stuff is good here and well as the other places I’ve listed. This would be an amazing place to eat drink the summer or anytime the weather is on the warmer side because they do have outdoor seating. If you’re looking for a place to grab coffe with a friend or a meal on the lighter side check this place out and check out the menu below

– Bon Ton’s Cafe Menu

  • Uncle Sam’s pancake house: This Somewhat  hole in the wall mom and pop eatery is amazing from its staff to its food.  This place doesn’t disappoint. Be warned if you order the three stack of pancakes you better be hungry cause they are massive. I’m a big fan of their strawberry waffle personally, but my boyfriend had their steak and eggs once and said it’s pretty good. The hash browns and bacon are also yummy. I haven’t eaten everything on their menu, but I’m going to make the safe assumption that whatever you decide to order you’ll leave full and satisfied.

– Uncle Sam’s Pancake House Menu

If I try any more breakfast spots I will be sure to add them to this post. Any fellow springs residents or frequent visitors what are your favorite spots or restaurants here in general?

Thanks for checking out this post. I hope you enjoyed it and until next time have a lovely life! xx

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