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Today I wanted to talk about my nightly skincare routine and what I love about the products that I use. Enjoy x

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the products that I use in my routine. They are pretty well reviewed and I am one of those many people who agree with all the positive feedback.

Firstly I will talk about the two products I use to remove my makeup
not pictured are these amazing makeup cloths that I use to wipe away my cleanser

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I use this to remove my eye makeup as well wipe away any traces of makeup my cleanser way miss. Sometimes I will use it in place of my cleanser and use only this to remove my makeup and it works really well.  What i love about this product is that although it’s incredibly gentle on the skin it does such a good job at removing my makeup even stubborn water proof mascara.

Garnier Cleanser I must say this Garnier skinactive line is very impressive. If you are looking for skincare products that work well but are still affordable I highly recommend this line. Anyways, what I love specifically about this product is aside from how gentle it is just like the micellar water, a little bit goes a long way. I’ll use one sometimes two pumps and its all I need to remove my makeup. It also leaves my skin feeling so incredibly clean.

L’Oreal Cleanser: funny story: for the first few weeks I had this product I used to as a mask because I thoughts what it was and then I looked at it and was like “oh this is a cleanser…” *face palm* I mean it did work well for a mask that wasn’t actually a mask, but it works even better as a cleanser. I hate to start sounding like a broken record but once again this leaves my skin feeling so darn clean and I agree with the packaging that it does remove everyday impurities and oil. I have definitely noticed that my skin is a lot less oily since I’ve begun using this product.

Ocean Salt Scrub: I heard so many times how amazing this product was and how much people loved it and how it was such a staple in peoples skin care routine and after buying it I totally see why. This stuff really is amazing! When I first tried it I wasn’t sure if was for me because it did feel incredibly rough on skin and left it really red, but after only one more use my skin was already used to it and find it a lot more gentle. I will typically use this scrub every other night. If you are looking for a good exfoliating scrub that gets rid of dry skin patches you need to get on board and check out this product.

The Body Shop Night Lotion: I know some people are bothered by the smell of tea tree, but I don’t mind it. Speaking of tea tree I am a firm believer that it works really well and does help to clear up skin and reduce blemishes. I also like that unlike other moisturizers I’ve tried this one quickly aborbs into the skin and it doesn’t feel like I have a greasy film lying on top of my skin.

And that is everything I use in my nightly skin care routine. What products are included in your routine? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

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