First Impression Estée Lauder take it away makeup remover.


Today i wanted to talk about a product that is quickly becoming a must have staple in my skincare routine and it’s the take it away makeup remover by Estée Lauder. As much as I liked my makeup remover that I was already using I wanted to try something different, so I went onto Ulta and searched their top rated makeup removers. This product was at the very top so I checked out the reviews. So many people raved about how great it was and how it was such an amazing purchase. I was a bit hesitant because it’s Estée Lauder so the price point was a bit different to what I had been used to with my drugstore makeup remover, but I decided to give it a go I mean it had all these reviews sayings it’s a must have. So what are my thoughts on it…


In regards to packaging I truly don’t find it to be all that special. It’s pretty simplistic. I’m not saying it’s cheaply made, but it’s also not anything to be overall impressed with. The pump does twist closed which is always a plus so I do like that.


This product is supposed to be applied to dry skin and then it can either be rinsed off with water or wiped away with a tissue. I have tried both ways and both work well. When pumped into the hand it feels like a normal makeup lotion. However, when it is applied to the skin it gets an almost watery consistency and it just sit on top of the skin. When I wiped it away with a tissue the first time my initial reaction wasn’t actually that good. It didn’t seem like that much makeup came off on the tissue so I was like well great it doesn’t work all that well. However, after I rubbed a bit more and took a makeup wipe to my face barely any makeup came off, so the Estée Lauder lotion did take everything off. My negative initial thoughts were quickly changed to positive ones.

Overall thoughts

I have been using this product for about a week now and I am very impressed with it. I haven’t decided if I will repurchase it just yet, but after a little while longer of testing it I’ll make that decision. I do think it is worth the price point and based off first impressions + a little usage it’s a product that I would recommend others to try!

Have you tried this makeup remover? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooh this looks lovely! Nice review I am definitely going to give this a try! I gave your blog a follow would love if you could check mine out too ❤️

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