Clean & Clear night relaxing jelly eye sheet mask review


Lately I have been obsessed with skincare and trying out a bunch of new products, specifically face mask. There just seem to be so many new products coming out, and I am also so curious to know if they work well. Recently I went to the store and picked up a few products to try out including this eye mask from Clean and Clear. I am pretty sure I haven’t used C&C since High School, so I was interested to see how my skin would get on with it or how I would find it after some years.

To be honest I am not particularly worried about my under eyes and how they look, but I am starting to think that they could use some TLC because as a teacher to 2nd graders you can bet that I have dark circles and puffiness…

Okay, okay, enough chatter… let’s get to the review and how I got on with this mask

Before opening this mask I was worried that it would make a mess as I have found that from past experience a lot of face mask like this seem to have a lot of access liquid that I just spill everywhere, so I was expecting quite a mess. Thankfully this mask was mess free. Application wise the mask went on really easily and it felt like it fit well around my face which is something I have had trouble with with other mask I have previously tried. Now unfortunately that is where my positive review ends with this product.

After wearing this mask for a few minutes (you wear it for 15) my skin started to burn. It wasn’t unbearable but it was uncomfortable. I decided to leave the mask on to see if it went away and unfortunately it did not. After the 15 minutes of wearing the mask I took it off, and my skin was so red and it was still burning. I am not sure if the burning was a reaction to the mask because my skin can be quite sensitive but nevertheless after trying it and having such a negative reaction, I do not want to try it again. I don’t wanna say that I wouldn’t recommend this product, but after a negative reaction and the fact it made zero difference to my skin I personally don’t think its worth trying out. If you do try it, I hope your experience is better than mine!

Have you tried this mask? if so how did you find it?

Thanks for reading! xx

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    1. What brand is it?if you try it, let me know how it goes. I really like the charcoal mud mask from YES TO (it’s not a peel mask but nevertheless it works really well and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

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