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Today I wanted to share some ways that I utilize/save space around my apartment. I am no interior decorator, so sorry if you were expecting something really cool… anyways, for reference the hubby and I live in a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment, so space is limited. However, even those these are tips from small apartments, obviously you can do stuff like this in any sort of living space. I’m sure when we get a house, I will also use the storage trick I used here over there.

I’m going to break down by rooms how I save space and I am going to start with the bathroom

One space saving way I did not include in this post but still wanted to mention was my over the door makeup storage. I received a over the door jewelry storage cupboard as a bridal shower gift, but I don’t wear jewelry and therefore don’t own a lot, so I chose to use it for makeup storage and it saves up so much space. This is such a good way to save space and neatly store makeup.

From the photos above, you can see that the other way I save space is by storing my skincare products in command baskets and using a shower caddy to hold shower products. Both of these things are so easy to apply and require no tools. There are both such simple things, but they both make life a lot easier. I especially like the skincare in the baskets as it makes doing my skincare routines a lot easier just having everything right there. I’m sure you could paint the baskets if you wanted to add some pizzaz to them.

The other way I save space in the bathroom is above the toilet. I will note that at one point that basket was mounted on the wall, but it ended up slipping off. However, I don’t think it looks bad like this. I also added the (fake) plant to spruce it up a bit and on a totally unrelated note those fresheners from Febreeze are amazing!

Moving onto the kitchen I technically only have one storage tip as the baskets on the wall isn’t really a space saving tip,but I still wanted to include it because I thought it was a cute decoration idea. If you are curious these green baskets I use are from Walmart and are pretty inexpensive. I’m a women on a budget, so I am always looking for affordable ways to decorate the apartment. Anyways, the one storage trick I have in the kitchen is the basket above the stove to hold spices. Having the items right there is very handy when I actually find myself using the stove or cooking in general…  I am trying to get better. Keyword being trying.

And finally my last storage tip is for the closet. We are very fortunate that our apartment has three closets including a walk in closet. This is all well and dandy, but I have a  lot of clothes even after I had a huge wardrobe clean out. There are so many ways you can use these bins whether it be to store chilren’s toys, books, dvds, shoes etc. I actually am using a couple of these to store dvds in the living area, and have used these before to store miscellaneous items. Currently in my closet I use them to store undergarments, pants, and sweatshirts. It saves up a lot of space in the closet.

And those are my storage tricks I have implemented around my apartment. How do you save space around your apartment/home. Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. So I actually just wrote a post about how I downsized from 850 sq ft to 568. The biggest space saver I have is my nightstand. It doubles as a dresser for me! Love your post!

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