Conair Rose Gold Curling Iron First Impression

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Today I am sharing my first impression thoughts on this rose gold curling iron from Conair. This 1 inch barrel iron is the first curling iron I have owned in several years. I have always had longer hair, and I found curling my hair to be a total pain as it took close to an hour. However since I recently cut my hair shorter I wanted to try out curling it since I want to try doing other styles with my hair other then just clipping it back or putting it half up. I really loved how it took half the time to curl my hair as compared to when it was longer. I still need to improve my skills in the back but that always seems to be a struggle.

Seeing as I haven’t owned a curling iron for several years as just mentioned I am not incredibly well informed in the world of hair tools,  but I am still knowledgeable enough to know whether something is decent or just plain sucks. Personally I was looking for something that was easy to use, curled my hair well and held the curl all day. I purchased this product from Target and yes the rose gold color was what initially drew me to this curling iron because if it’s rose gold I’ll take it. The price of this was also enough reason to buy this seeing as it’s under $20. This does have some mixed reviews some people enjoyed it while others were not very impressed. Some find the on/off switch to be a bad spot, but I didn’t have any issues with it. The iron heated up quickly and it was very easy to use. I found that  it easily curled my hair and held the curl all day. I am going to give this a few more tries before I make my final decision on whether or not it is a keeper.

What are some of your must have hair products? I wanna start taking better care of my hair, so share shampoos, conditioners, etc as well as tools like blow dryers.

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