First Trimester


I feel like I say this way to often, but man has it been a minute since I posted anything on here. Not a whole lot has happened since my last post… Okay well one major thing happened which is that I’m pregnant! Even though I’m already in the second trimester as of yesterday that still feels so crazy to say. I just can’t believe my hubby and I are having a little baby. I’m due in September and part of me is just so anxious to get there (mainly because i don’t wanna deal with the Oklahoma summer being super pregnant) but I also want to enjoy this time of being pregnant because I know once it over our life will never be the same (in a good way) and our lives will be chaos. Plus this is such a special time and I want to cherish it the best I can.
Anyways, I just wanted to share how my first trimester experience was from how I found out to symptoms I have had.

Firstly how I found out was actually fluke in a way I guess you could say, but I also consider it a big sign from God. My husband john and I had been trying since I had my IUD taken out in September to get pregnant and I had been driving myself crazy taking prenancy test and always having them come back negative. I know so many women struggle with getting pregnant so part of me felt of guilty and annoyed with myself for complaining. Anyways in early January I had told myself I wasn’t going to take a test for about 2 ish weeks, but one day something just told me that I needed to take a test and at first I was telling myself no because I didn’t want to be disappointed by the one line again, but i went into the bathroom and took the test, and walked out thinking it just be another test that got thrown into the garbage. Well I walked back into the bathroom, glance down at the test and see two pink lines! I didn’t even do a double take it was like a ten take haha! I just couldn’t believe… No seriously I couldn’t believe it I took six more test.

After I took the test John texted me from work asking if I wanted to go somewhere over Valentines weekend and I wanted to but “yeah, but I’m bringing an extra guest” or something like that but I refrained because I knew I’d regret not telling him in person, but my God were those five hours before he came home agonizing! I didn’t have time to do anything creative plus I was way to excited, so I just told him that I had a present for him and he had to close his eyes. I put every single test in his hands and at first he didn’t know what the heck they were, but once he figured it out he was obviously thrilled!

In regards to symptoms I haven’t really had any which I am very thankful for. I did go through a spout where I had some nasty morning sickness, but I would just get sick and feel completely fine afterwards. I know that women can struggle with really bad morning sickness and other negative symptoms so I am very grateful that I haven’t had any terrible symptoms.

In regards to gender I feel so strongly that I we are having a girl, but obviously I would be so thrilled with whatever we had! Did you have any inclinations on what you were having? were you right?

I could talk way more about my experience so far, but I would probably just ramble on and on like I already have been. Plus I want to do more pregnancy post or at least try to, so if there is anything you would like me to talk about or share please let me know!|

Thanks so much for reading! xx

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