Hello, and welcome to The Beauty and Brunch Blog. I created this blog to have my own little space in this vast world we call the web. On this platform you can find post ranging from makeup reviews to skin care routines and fashion hauls plus anything else I am wanting  to share. I was motivated to start my blog after reading so many others myself (and following a lot of bloggers on Instagram). Seeing how much these ladies enjoyed what they did and how they inspired an audience was a contagious feeling of joy I wanted to experience. Therefore I hope when you are on this site you feel as though you are reading post written by a friend. To anyone who finds my site and takes the time to check it out or even quickly glance at a post thank you! I hope you enjoy what you see and what you read.

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5 facts about me
– I met my husband (John) online. It should be noted for the longest time I said I wouldn’t marry anyone I met online. I also said I wouldn’t marry someone till after 2 years of dating and we were engaged after 10 and married after 14 months.

– I am originally from a suburb outside of Detroit. I moved to Colorado Springs in July of 2016 and after a year I moved to small rural town in the panhandle of Oklahoma near where my husband is from. To say where I am living now to where I am originally from is a night and day difference is very very true statement.

– I am a dog mom to our schnauzer Riley (born July 2017) I probably spoil her a bit to much from giving her one of our best blankets to sleep with to buying her sweaters and dog cookies. But hey till I have a child to spoil I can spoil her.

– I am most definitely not a saver when it comes to money I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I am also the person who will spend $50+ to get free shipping. It’s really an addiction I love to online shopping especially since where I live the closest stores I shop at are over an hour away.

– My favorite snack is popcorn and my favorite food is a three way tie between Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. I read a article about how the Queen doesn’t allow pasta at the Palace and couldn’t imagine living through such a nightmare!

Thanks for reading!

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