Self Confidence & Social Media

Self Confidence & Social Media


We have all heard this quote above. I’m sure many of us have told someone or been told this quote to ourselves, and it is so freaking true! Is there ever a circumstance where comparing yourself to someone else brings to a sense of joy or a feeling of comfort? I know it doesn’t for me. Back in the day we would compare ourselves to our friends thinking “there clothes are so much cuter than mine” or ” she is so much prettier than I am” Now a days we are stilling having those same feelings except now social media has come into play, and we have these thoughts (and much more) about we’e never even met. Why do we let strangers faces on a phone or computer screen dictate our self worth or how we feel about our lives? Now don’t get me wrong I think social media has a lot of pros to it, but we must admit that it has very  much affected how we see ourselves. Would we still feel this way if social media wasn’t around or as relevant? (lolz! imagine that.)

I have always been the type of person who thought self confidence and self worth were so important. I’d tell my friends that they just needed to be more confident in themselves. Even today I tell my husband he needs to have more confidence in himself and not stress out about what other people think. However, recently I needed to be reminded about what I said so passionately to other people. I let social media and strangers affect my sense of self worth to the point of crying unable to control my emotions.  I was also having one of those days where I didn’t like any of my clothes and my makeup looked like crap (yeah, we know how much fun those days are *major eye roll*) Just a bunch of little things that just kept adding up. How did I get to this point? Follower count. Instagram follower counts.

Just typing that makes me rather annoyed with myself, but I am the type of person who believes my feelings are valid and the reasoning for them are valid. Anyways, I was having one of those days where I wasn’t feeling very confident in myself (we all have those days) and I had been losing Instagram followers in the dozens (40+ in 2 days) and I was seeing everyone else on my feed garnering all these likes and comments, “what was I doing wrong?” I wondered. That was a first mistake making it personal. I didn’t know why it affected me so much, but it  did. It affected me to the point of my husband having to sit with me while I cried and cried. Why am I not good enough? I thought my content was good, I thought my pictures looked nice? What was I doing wrong? But more importantly why was I letting a social media platform affect me so much?!

In today’s age comparison is so hugely relevant and social media is no exception. In fact it seems to be the place where comparison is most evident. What started out as a fun hobby for me was starting to cause me emotional pain all because I was comparing myself to others.  I let number on someone else’s page affect my personal thoughts about myself. The thing is in the grand scheme of things follower count is so minuet. Yes these people may have great photos on their Instagram, they may have a lot of followers, and they may portray their lives as being put together, but put the camera down and log out of social media how great is their lives? how happy, confident, and content are they? We are comparing ourselves to people who we truly know very minimal about.

So how can we having strong self confidence in a world of social media? I can’t speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself and how I am going to improve my confidence and feelings of self worth towards myself. I am going to remind myself that a social media page doesn’t show every detail of a person. In reality social media can be very very vague (depending on what people chose to share). I remind myself that these people who might be “popular” on Instagram might be struggling behind the scenes. Yes they might be happy at times, but I’m sure like everybody else they have problems. We all have things we’d like to change whether it be about our lives or how we look, and we need to remember that every one has these thoughts. Everyone.

Now maybe instead of having these thoughts and comparing ourselves to others we can fill our thoughts with more affirming ideas about ourselves. We all have things we are good at: being a good friend, listening, doing makeup, being artistic, helping others. I guarantee if we had someone else say what they thought about us they would list so much more positive than negative (if they list more negative they aren’t your friend and you need to say peace out, girl scout!) Why don’t we start thinking of ourselves more positively? Let’s have more self confidence in ourselves. Yes I am aware of how much easier said than done this is, but you’d be amazed at how much one positive affirmation to yourself everyday can help build up your self confidence. Write down a positive attributes about yourself and write them down or put them up around your room or house. Enjoy social media, but remember that in the grand scheme of things it is such a minuet part of life.


If you are highly involved in social media here is another thing I am choosing to remind myself which is “to honor your pace” You will get to where you  want to get to. You can even exceed past your goals, but you need to accept the fact that it will take time. You will hit bumps in the road. You will hit snags and set backs, but you’ll get to your goal. Honor you pace accept that fact that hard work takes time. If you believe in yourself that is such a huge huge step in the right direction. Everyone achieves their goals and reaches their dreams in their own time and you and I will as well.

How has social media affected you whether it’s good or bad?

I know this was a different post compared to what I typically do (beauty and fashion), so if you read this far I really appreciate you reading and listening to my thoughts. I think writing is very therapeutic, and I am sure there are other people who have felt how I did, so I wanted to share those feelings. So again thank you for reading! If you would like me to share my thoughts on other subjects just let me know! xx

Drugstore Makeup Haul

Drugstore Makeup Haul

I recently popped into Walmart with the intention of getting some paint supplies for our house, but of course I am incapable of  going in somewhere and just getting what I need, so I walk out with some more things that necessary including makeup (shocker). To be honest though I haven’t been very happy with my makeup lately. It might be the fact that it is so hot here in Oklahoma, but lately my makeup has looked so patchy even when I wear my favorite foundations that used to stay on all day long. I intended on just getting a couple foundations, but of course that didn’t happen… Anyways, I am going to give all these products a try and decide what I think is worth keeping.

On a somewhat different note, but still relatable I just wanted to share a tip if you’d call it that with you guys. On the back of all makeup items there is a small jar with a number in it for example 18m, That means an item is good for 18 months after opening. I’m sure some of you already knew that, but I didn’t till recently, so I wanted to share!

Here is what I got!


  • Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Redness. The primer I got isn’t available online for some reason, so the link is for another master primer, but the one I got is available in stores.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
  • NYX Shine Killer Primer
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base

Foundation, Concealer, and Contour

Finishing Powder and Spray

And that is everything I got. If you tried any of these products let me know your thoughts on them! I’m looking forward to trying these products out (minus a couple I’ve already tried like the age rewind concealer).

Thanks for reading! xx

Boho Swing Dress

Boho Swing Dress


I’ve been spending the last week with my family up in Michigan. It has been such a wonderful time filled with good food and of course spending time with loved ones. I always wish time here could last longer, but I know we need to get back to Oklahoma eventually (Friday to be exact). I am looking forward to getting back to the south and being able to start decorating our house!! I’m planning on doing post on here if anyone is interested. Our new house isn’t a total fixer upper, but it does need some TLC and cosmetic work. My Pinterest is flooded with diy and decor ideas. What are some your favorite (inexpensive) home decor places?

Thanks for reading!

Maybelline Superstay Foundation Review

Maybelline Superstay Foundation Review

Foundation– Sun Beige/ Eye Palette- limited edition/ PrimerEye PrimerLash PrimerMascaraConcealerBronzerLipstick– Romantic Rose/ Finishing Powder

Here’s  a story for you… Awhile back when I was talking with my mom she bet me $50 to not buy makeup until my husband and I came to visit them in Michigan. Well I ain’t getting my $50 because I lasted all of 4 ish weeks which is actually pretty good for me but still I lost the bet! There’s just so much stuff out there I want to try one of those things being a new foundation from Maybelline which is the product I will be talking about today. I did link other products used, but I am not going to talk about those in this post, so if you would like more info on any of the other items featured just comment below!

The Maybelline Superstay foundation claims to be full coverage, minimizes the appearance of flaws and imperfections, evens out, enhances, camouflages, doesn’t clog pores and more. Who wouldn’t want a foundation to do all of that?! I know I do which is why I bought this to see if it really can. I will note that today was the first day I tried this foundation, and I like using something several times before I make my decision on if I like it or not. I also like to apply it differently (sponge, brush) before I decide if it’s good or not. Today I applied it using a foundation brush and while I did think it applied well (a little goes a long way) as the day went on I found it was starting to get a bit patchy especially around my t-zone. I don’t know if this is due entirely to the foundation or perhaps the primer and finishing powder didn’t set it well, so that is something that can be determined after a few uses of the foundation. I do agree that when first applied,and a while after this product does seem to be full coverage, and I did find my skin to be more even with less texture apparent. However, as I mentioned as the day went on it begin to look patchy and my skin appeared quite oily. In regards to removal it came off easily with my face wash. Overall based off first impression I like how it applied and initially looked on my skin, but as the day wore on I wasn’t as big of a fan. Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! xx

Nightly Skin Routine and Teeth Whitening!

Nightly Skin Routine and Teeth Whitening!


Today I wanted to share my night time skin care routine, and how I’ve been whitening my teeth. I did post what skincare products I used back in February, but since then I’ve introduced some new items. As I just mentioned I have also been whitening my teeth using Avistar charcoal powder which the company sent to me (#sponsored). I will go in order of products used. I’m not gonna go into full detail of all products since I’ve talked about some before in past post.

Makeup Removal
I can’t tell you how many times I relate to this photo, but I am aware of how important it is to remove your makeup.
– Garnier Micellar Water: I use this to remove my eye makeup. This stuff gets even the most stubborn waterproof mascara off.

– Garnier SkinActive Sulfate Free Cleanser: This does such a good job at taken off makeup even full coverage foundation.

– Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes: I use these on days I wear minimal makeup (concealer, bronzer, and powder) I also use it some nights to be sure I have gotten all my makeup off especially when I go “all out”

– Shiseido Facial Cotton: I never thought cotton pads would be a game changer to my skin care routine but I do now. I can now see a major difference between the cotton pads I used to get at Walmart, and these ones. These are a lot softer but also more sturdy if that makes sense. I have already gone through two packages, and will continue to repurchase.

Everyday Skincare Products
These are the skincare products I use every night. I use the makeup removing products 3-4 times a week since I do not wear makeup everyday. It’s way to hot in Oklahoma to wear makeup everyday!

– Arcona Clarifying Bar Refill: I was looking for a new facial wash and decided to go with this one after reading so many positive reviews. This is supposed to help clear stubborn breakouts which I do agree that it has. I personally am not a fan of the scent, but I can look past that since this does a good job at keeping my skin clean which is what I was hoping for.

– Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion: I have used this for about a year now and love how fresh feeling it leaves my skin.

– Paula’s Choice Redness Relief Moisturizer: I have really bad redness and texture on my cheeks, so I wanted to find a product that would help calm down the redness, so I decided to try this one after reading a bunch of good reviews. Unfortunately I have not seen the results that others talked about seeing with this moisturizer.I think I my redness is something a dermatologist will need to help me with.

– Tony Moly Sebum Control Cream: I use this around my t-zone to control my oily skin.

Mask, Scrubs, Extra Face Wash
– Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mask: I have so many mask in my bathroom, and this is hands down my favorite and the one I find helps my skin the best. I use it 2-3 times a week.

– Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser: The purpose of this is to remove dead skin cells, retexturize uneven skin, and refine pores. I also use this 2-3 times per week.

– St. Ives Blemish Control Face Scrub: This is a great exfoliating scrub to use a few times a week. It’s gentle on skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean, but at the same time it works hard at preventing future breakouts as well as calming current ones.

Teeth Whitening
– Avistar Whitner and Detoxifer Charcoal Powder: I received this from the Avistar company to try out and share my review on. Of course when you first see a jar of black powder it can quite intimidating what if explodes and gets everywhere?! luckily it didn’t do that. Another “worry” I had was tell what if it taste gross? If it has a bad flavor I know that I am not going to use it. Thankfully this stuff doesn’t have a bad flavor either. I have used this product a few times since receiving it and I have already noticed a difference. My enamel has become stronger, my teeth are not as sensitive and they have become whiter. I love that this powder does not stain my teeth although I look insane when using it lol. I am very happy with the results of this whitener. I can’t wait to see how it continues to help my teeth.

Pixi Beauty Mini Haul

Pixi Beauty Mini Haul

I wanted to share  a little haul of Pixi Beauty that I recently picked up from the Target clearance section. I haven’t tried out any of the things I got, but I have tried a few things from this line including a face mask and eyeshadow palette both of which I love, so I figured I would give some other products a try.

Here is what I got
– Eye Bright Primer find here: Retail price $14.00 bought on clearance for $7

– Black Lash Primer find here: Retail price $15.00 bought on clearance for $7.50

– MultiBalm in Baby Petal find here: Retail price $12.00 bought on clearance for $8.40

– MultiBalm in Watermelon Veil find here: Retail price $12.00 bought on clearance for $6.00

And that is everything I got. Are you a fan of Pixi Beauty? What are some of your favorite products from them?

Thanks for reading! xx

Conair Rose Gold Curling Iron First Impression

Conair Rose Gold Curling Iron First Impression

Find Curling Iron here


Today I am sharing my first impression thoughts on this rose gold curling iron from Conair. This 1 inch barrel iron is the first curling iron I have owned in several years. I have always had longer hair, and I found curling my hair to be a total pain as it took close to an hour. However since I recently cut my hair shorter I wanted to try out curling it since I want to try doing other styles with my hair other then just clipping it back or putting it half up. I really loved how it took half the time to curl my hair as compared to when it was longer. I still need to improve my skills in the back but that always seems to be a struggle.

Seeing as I haven’t owned a curling iron for several years as just mentioned I am not incredibly well informed in the world of hair tools,  but I am still knowledgeable enough to know whether something is decent or just plain sucks. Personally I was looking for something that was easy to use, curled my hair well and held the curl all day. I purchased this product from Target and yes the rose gold color was what initially drew me to this curling iron because if it’s rose gold I’ll take it. The price of this was also enough reason to buy this seeing as it’s under $20. This does have some mixed reviews some people enjoyed it while others were not very impressed. Some find the on/off switch to be a bad spot, but I didn’t have any issues with it. The iron heated up quickly and it was very easy to use. I found that  it easily curled my hair and held the curl all day. I am going to give this a few more tries before I make my final decision on whether or not it is a keeper.

What are some of your must have hair products? I wanna start taking better care of my hair, so share shampoos, conditioners, etc as well as tools like blow dryers.

Thanks for reading! xx


Trying Prime Wardrobe

Trying Prime Wardrobe

I don’t know why my dog looks so weird in the last photo.. I guess we all have bad angles lol

Today I wanted to talk about a new service Amazon Prime has started which is Prime Wardrobe. Prime Wardrobe is all about try before you buy which in the world of online shopping is a great idea. I love Amazon as it is already and am a prime member because it’s a great thing to have, but when I saw this clothing service they have just introduced I knew I needed to try it out. So how does this work you might ask? Well I will briefly explain to you. You can pick up to 8 items that are prime wardrobe qualified there are hundreds of options, the items are sent to you and upon the day of arrival you have seven days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. You will only have to pay for what you keep. You can choose from so many items including jewelry, clothes, and shoes! The options available are so impressive and I am sure they will be adding more.  Prime Wardrobe is available for men, women, and children.
This service seems like the perfect option for so many people including busy parents, online shopping addicts like me and people who hate going to the store to try on clothes (also me).

Check out Prime Wardrobe here

I ordered five pieces of clothing to try out, and I thought I would share what  I am keeping and what I am sending back.

– Democracy Ruffle Yoke Cold Shoulder Top find here: This top needs to see an iron badly, but other then that it’s good top. I think the ruffles and detailing are so so cute. I will be keeping this item.

– Levi Boyfriend Jeans find here: I am really into the boyfried style right now, but unfortunately these ones did not fit me right well and will be returned. I prefer more high waisted jeans and these are lower riding. I liked how they made my legs and booty look, but they were just to tight around the stomach and I eat to much pasta to have tight pants…

– Calvin Klein Light Blue Blouse find here: I loved the sleeve detailing of this top and love the color of it, but I didn’t think it was a must have item for me as I already have a ton of blouses, so I will be sending this back. The white jeans I paired with this top were already in my closet and are from Old Navy.

– Jessica Simpson Navy Blouse find here: I realize I just said I didn’t need the previous top because I have so many blouses already, but I am tossing that idea out the window with this top because I think it is so cute, and I already know I will get a lot more wear out of it compared to the light blue top. I don’ think my photo does this top justice especially the sleeve details, so check out the Amazon photo. This top is a keeper.

– Silver Jeans Co Skinny Crop Jeans find here: When I ordered these I wasn’t truly sure how I felt about them, but after trying them on and seeing how they looked I really like them, plus they are very comfortable. I am going to be keeping these and think I will get a lot of wear out of them.

And that is everything I received in my first Prime Wardrobe order. I am sure I will be using this service again seeing how easy it was to use. Let me know if you try this out and what your thoughts on it are.

Product Pitch: Would I Repurchase?

Product Pitch: Would I Repurchase?


I recently decided to clean through my makeup collection as it was long overdue. I thought I’d share what I’m getting rid of let you know if I would repurchase the product or not and why. Perhaps I can do this every few months or so. Let me know if that would be interesting!

Let’s talk primers first

– Smashbox photo finish primer: I heard so many great reviews about this primer, and how fantastic it was. Personally I didn’t see the hype with it. I didn’t think it was bad, but I also thought I could get the same results from a more affordable primer. Therefore I would not repurchase.

– NYX Angel Veil Primer: Seeing how I’m getting rid of two already answers the questions if I’d repurchase this. I think this is a fantastic primer not only for the price but overall. It feels great on my skin and sets my makeup really well. Yes I’d repurchase.


– L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Compact: I’ll just cut right to it… I did not like this foundation. It looked so patchy on my skin, it dragged whether I applied it with the cushion, a brush, or blender sponge. It made my skin look oily. It just wasn’t good. This will not be repurchased.

– Maybelline BB Fresh: Thankfully this one applied better and while I like the idea of a B.B. cream for more casual makeup days, there was one problem with this one which was the finish. While it applied nicely as the day went on the product would separate specifically around my t-zone, and I would just look very oily. I might try the other B.B. cream from Maybelline in the blue package, but I would not repurchase this one.

– IT cosmetics CC+ Cream: Now this is a fantastic B.B. cream totally worth the price and hype. This is a medium to full coverage foundation that hides spots, texture etc without being heavy or feeling cakey. It applies nicely to the skin, looks natural and lasts all day. Yes I would repurchase this.

– L’Oreal True Match: If you saw my mini makeup haul a couple post back you will see I bought a new one of these, so yes I’d repurchase this product. This might be my favorite drugstore foundation of all time. I love it! It applies well to the skin whether I use a brush or sponge. I have used different primers and it always looks good. The coverage is medium but buildable. Like the CC+ it has a natural finish that looks good all day long.


– Maybelline Better Skin: I went through so many of these when this product came out several years back because it covered my spots so well. I would repurchase this because I know that it works well for me and as I said covers my spots well and helps my skin appear more even and less textured.

– Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define: After a couple times trying this product I went online and ordered not one not two but three (there was a sale), but still three! This is such a good concealer. It is a great dupe to the Too Faced Born This Way concealer. I actually prefer the Makeup Revolution one. Yes I would repurchase!

– Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: ok this might be gross, but I don’t know how long this specific concealer has been sitting in my makeup bin, so I haven’t used in a long time and therefore I have forgotten if I liked it or not. Have you tried this? If you have and remember what you thought about it let me know if you think it’s worth a repurchase!!

– Physicians Formula #InstaReady Concealer: While the Makeup Revolution is my #1 concealer this one is a close second. There have actually been a few times where I’ve thrown on primer, this concealer, and setting powder, and that was my makeup for the day. This concealer covers spots as well as a full coverage foundation without feeling heavy or like it’s just sitting on top of your skin. It looks as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. Yes I would repurchase.

Eye Products

– Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara: The packaging of this is so cute and I was a fan of the wand however this made my lashes feel so dry and my God was it a pain to get off at night. I made my lashes look good (long and voluminous) but due to how it felt on my eyes and it being a pain to remove I don’t think I’d repurchase. Plus I have so many other mascaras I know work well and that I like a lot more.

– Estée Lauder Eye Pencil: This came as a freebie in a mascara gift set I bought so if I was going to buy it it would be a purchase not a repurchase I suppose. I will however not be buying this eyeliner. One for the fact I don’t wear eyeliner except for maybe once a year and when I do I prefer liquid, and second because I didn’t think this worked well. It just dragged along my eyelid and tugged at it. Perhaps it’s my minimal talent when it comes to eyeliner, but I never liked the outcome when I used this as it just looked sloppy.


– Kate for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick: I forgot to look at what shade this was and I threw it away already *facepalm* I do know it was a light pink. I liked the shade of this lipstick, but not the finish as I felt it dried my lips out. There are other matte lipsticks I prefer over this one, so I would not repurchase.

And that is everything I’m getting rid of. I didn’t really think about what I’d repurchase until I sat down to put together this post, and I was quite surprised at how much I wouldn’t buy again. What are some products your pitching? Would you buy them again?! Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! XX

Mini Makeup Haul

Mini Makeup Haul


I ran into Walgreen’s  yesterday to grab a new foundation since I ran out of my favorite one, but of course when it comes to makeup (well really anything) I can’t leave with just what I need so I came out with a few extra bits. Most of the items were repurchases of things I have already used, but I also picked up a new item to try out.

Here is what I got
– Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer: This is the new product I got to try out. I am really into the new re-branding that Covergirl has done and it seems like they have some great products out right now. I am hoping this concealer is one of them.

– Maybelline Fit Me matte and poreless: This is a great drugstore foundation that has light to medium coverage. I really like how light weight this foundation is even when you build it to get more coverage it never feels cakey and always blends well. It is also recommended for oily to acne prone skin which is exactly what I have.

– L’Oreal True Match Foundation: I’ve said it before and I will say it again why does this foundation come in such a small bottle? I really hope they change the packaging soon to something bigger. That is my only complaint about this product. I love everything else about it great coverage, applies well and long lasting wear even in the heat.

– Maybelline Color Sensational in Almond Rose (matte finish) and Romantic Rose (creamy finish): I love nudes and pinks when it comes to wearing lip color its just what I feel most comfortable in. In regards to this brand I love the pigmentation of these products and how long lasting they are.

Nivea smoothless lip care: nothing to exciting about lip balm. Although this is my favorite brand for it.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder: I used this all the time in high school and some of college and I remember loving the coverage of it and how nicely it applied to my skin. I am hoping I have the same results now.

And that is everything I got. Have you gotten any beauty bits recently? if so let me know what I love looking at other peoples hauls.

Thanks for reading! xx