Christmas in Michigan Lookbook

Hey, Friend!

Happy New Year! This isn’t a recap post of 2018, but I did want to quickly mention that I hope 2018 was a good year for you and if it wasn’t I pray that 2019 is joyous and filled with many blessing for you! I used to hate the beginning of a new year when I was little, probably because it meant Christmas was over, but now I love it. Not to sound cliche, but I love the idea of starting fresh and having a clean slate.

Anyways like I said this isn’t a 2018 recap post, but it is a recap of outfits I wore during our time in Michigan the past week and 1/2. We came to spend the holidays with my side of the family, and as always it was such a wonderful time and I miss them already even though we just left this morning.A lot of my clothes I wore were old or purchased at TJ Maxx, but if you would like to know were anything is from let me know!

Let me know how you spent your holidays and/or what you got either for yourself or someone else?

Thanks for reading and again Happy New Year!

Fall Fashion Wish list

In my last blog post which you can find here I talked about some of the many things I love about Fall (btw do you call it Fall or Autumn?) including the fashion. I love fashion and shopping for clothes in general, but I especially love this time of year because its so cozy, but still cute and the colors this time of year are gorgeous. I have so many things saved in my shopping carts and wish lists on various websites and I wanted to share some of the pieces I have my eye on.



Old Navy


Nordstrom Rack

And that is everything or at least most of the things on my wishlist currently, but they grow bigger and bigger on the daily. Let me know what pieces you are eyeing or currently purchased. Also, let me know where you love to shop!

Thanks for reading!

Trying Prime Wardrobe

Trying Prime Wardrobe

I don’t know why my dog looks so weird in the last photo.. I guess we all have bad angles lol

Today I wanted to talk about a new service Amazon Prime has started which is Prime Wardrobe. Prime Wardrobe is all about try before you buy which in the world of online shopping is a great idea. I love Amazon as it is already and am a prime member because it’s a great thing to have, but when I saw this clothing service they have just introduced I knew I needed to try it out. So how does this work you might ask? Well I will briefly explain to you. You can pick up to 8 items that are prime wardrobe qualified there are hundreds of options, the items are sent to you and upon the day of arrival you have seven days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. You will only have to pay for what you keep. You can choose from so many items including jewelry, clothes, and shoes! The options available are so impressive and I am sure they will be adding more.  Prime Wardrobe is available for men, women, and children.
This service seems like the perfect option for so many people including busy parents, online shopping addicts like me and people who hate going to the store to try on clothes (also me).

Check out Prime Wardrobe here

I ordered five pieces of clothing to try out, and I thought I would share what  I am keeping and what I am sending back.

– Democracy Ruffle Yoke Cold Shoulder Top find here: This top needs to see an iron badly, but other then that it’s good top. I think the ruffles and detailing are so so cute. I will be keeping this item.

– Levi Boyfriend Jeans find here: I am really into the boyfried style right now, but unfortunately these ones did not fit me right well and will be returned. I prefer more high waisted jeans and these are lower riding. I liked how they made my legs and booty look, but they were just to tight around the stomach and I eat to much pasta to have tight pants…

– Calvin Klein Light Blue Blouse find here: I loved the sleeve detailing of this top and love the color of it, but I didn’t think it was a must have item for me as I already have a ton of blouses, so I will be sending this back. The white jeans I paired with this top were already in my closet and are from Old Navy.

– Jessica Simpson Navy Blouse find here: I realize I just said I didn’t need the previous top because I have so many blouses already, but I am tossing that idea out the window with this top because I think it is so cute, and I already know I will get a lot more wear out of it compared to the light blue top. I don’ think my photo does this top justice especially the sleeve details, so check out the Amazon photo. This top is a keeper.

– Silver Jeans Co Skinny Crop Jeans find here: When I ordered these I wasn’t truly sure how I felt about them, but after trying them on and seeing how they looked I really like them, plus they are very comfortable. I am going to be keeping these and think I will get a lot of wear out of them.

And that is everything I received in my first Prime Wardrobe order. I am sure I will be using this service again seeing how easy it was to use. Let me know if you try this out and what your thoughts on it are.