Christmas in Michigan Lookbook

Hey, Friend!

Happy New Year! This isn’t a recap post of 2018, but I did want to quickly mention that I hope 2018 was a good year for you and if it wasn’t I pray that 2019 is joyous and filled with many blessing for you! I used to hate the beginning of a new year when I was little, probably because it meant Christmas was over, but now I love it. Not to sound cliche, but I love the idea of starting fresh and having a clean slate.

Anyways like I said this isn’t a 2018 recap post, but it is a recap of outfits I wore during our time in Michigan the past week and 1/2. We came to spend the holidays with my side of the family, and as always it was such a wonderful time and I miss them already even though we just left this morning.A lot of my clothes I wore were old or purchased at TJ Maxx, but if you would like to know were anything is from let me know!

Let me know how you spent your holidays and/or what you got either for yourself or someone else?

Thanks for reading and again Happy New Year!

Fall Makeup Look


Well I guess we can agree that fall is in full swing on this blog seeing as the last three post including this one have been fall themed. This wasn’t intentional, but I am totally fine with it.

Today I wanted to share a fall themed makeup look. I find that I am more open to experimenting with different makeup looks during the fall because I love some many of the colors that are in trend. I am in no means an expert or even that great at makeup, but it’s still something I enjoy doing.

All products I have used for this look have been mentioned on my blog in previous post


Fall Fashion Wish list

In my last blog post which you can find here I talked about some of the many things I love about Fall (btw do you call it Fall or Autumn?) including the fashion. I love fashion and shopping for clothes in general, but I especially love this time of year because its so cozy, but still cute and the colors this time of year are gorgeous. I have so many things saved in my shopping carts and wish lists on various websites and I wanted to share some of the pieces I have my eye on.



Old Navy


Nordstrom Rack

And that is everything or at least most of the things on my wishlist currently, but they grow bigger and bigger on the daily. Let me know what pieces you are eyeing or currently purchased. Also, let me know where you love to shop!

Thanks for reading!

Boho Swing Dress

Boho Swing Dress


I’ve been spending the last week with my family up in Michigan. It has been such a wonderful time filled with good food and of course spending time with loved ones. I always wish time here could last longer, but I know we need to get back to Oklahoma eventually (Friday to be exact). I am looking forward to getting back to the south and being able to start decorating our house!! I’m planning on doing post on here if anyone is interested. Our new house isn’t a total fixer upper, but it does need some TLC and cosmetic work. My Pinterest is flooded with diy and decor ideas. What are some your favorite (inexpensive) home decor places?

Thanks for reading!

My Candle Collection

My Candle Collection


Wow has this last week of life been crazy for me. We found out a couple days ago that we need to be moved out of our apartment on the 19th of this month, and I thought we had until the end of the month, so I’ve been spending most days packing. Man do I hate packing! What do you hate more: packing or unpacking? I am excited though because we are moving into a house so it’ll be much more space than our one bedroom apartment.

It’s not until packing that you realize how much stuff you have at least that is how I feel. I knew I had a lot of candles, but I didn’t realize I had this many. And yes I still want to buy more candles. Is that bad? Yeah, it probably is.

I’m really bad at desiring scents, so I’m not going to bother will that. Oh how nice it would to have smell-ivision. When will that be created? That would be a useful invention right?! I am going to link every candle that is available. The semi-annual sale is currently going on which is the time I usually stock up on candles (get some Holiday shopping done), so if you are wanting some new candles now is a great time to get some.

Alright if any of the unlinked ones become avaliable or I find them somewhere I will update this post and link them. Well there you go that is my entire candle collection. What do you love to collect? Also, if there is a brand of candles of I need to try. Let me know.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! xx

My Favorite Jeans.

My Favorite Jeans.

Top: boohoo Jeans: Old Navy Sandals: old from Torrid Shoot Location: Lake Carl Etling in Oklahoma

Okay before I jump into the post I have to share what was happening when the hubby and I were taking these photos. This is a pretty secluded lake so not many people frequent it, but there were a few people and I do mean a few (only 4 or 5), but anyways as we get out of the car we notice two boxers just roaming around who came to check us out the moment we got out of our car. They were very sweet dogs just wanted to see what we were doing. Then as we are walking out on the ledge where the photos were taking the guys in their boat where seeing what we were doing as well as the father/son duo sitting on rocks fishing, so I had a audience and then our small schnauzer who was in the car noticed the bigger dogs and had to make her presence known, so she started barking at full volume. Needless to say we didn’t stay at this location very long. Have you ever had interesting behind the scenes stuff happen at photo shoots? Let me know.

Alright let’s get into the reason for today’s post: Denim! Now I know its incredibly hot some places so some of you maybe thinking “jeans? really. It’s so hot I don’t even want to wear shorts.” trust me I know the struggle. But I still wanted to share some of my favorite jeans because as someone who struggles to find denim they like perhaps it will inspire you to find something you like.

Here’s my first not so secret secret to my fave jeans I only buy jeans from one store that that is Old Navy. I know how they fit, I like how they fit, the quality is great and I’ve owned jeans from here for 4+ year, so the quality is amazing!

Here are a few of my favorite jeans (let’s see how many more time I can say that word) from Old Navy.

midrise rockstar skinny jeans in rinse– this is the same exact pair I linked above

high-rise rockstar jeans in sandy 2— I personally love light wash jeans and own  2 or 3 this particular pair.

mid-rise rockstar jeans in bright white– I was super nervous to get a white pair of jeans because I can look at something at it will end up as a stain on my pants, but I’ve been lucky with these so far *knocks wood*

As you can see I really only like one style of jean which is skinny. I know a lot of people are growing out of that style, but I still like it and personally I’m not a fan of wide leg or bootcut. Is that the same thing? either way I don’t think you’ll see me wearing that style anytime soon, but perhaps I’ll venture out a little into the more straight leg cut.

Where is your tried and trusted place to buy jeans? let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! xx